Demountable netted fencing

Foresport Fencing can provide a fully demountable netted fencing system up to a height of 6m. Such systems are generally required for conservation areas or where a permanent post system is not in keeping with the local area.

This aluminium post system comes complete with sockets, 3 post sections for bolt together, cleat, pulley, ropes and netting. 

Sockets set inside 900mm deep concrete foundations at 5m centres.

Posts weigh 20kg each making them lightweight and mobile.

Netting is attached via rope lanyards and pulleys allowing the net to be easily and quickly pulled up and down.

Entire system can be completed by hand from ground level.

It is advised that the nets are only erected during game time and when winds do not exceed 40mph. 

The nets and posts can be fully removed during the off season which will aid the longevity of the fencing system.