Roof Netting

Having the facility to play numerous sports within one area such as Multi Use Games Area’s (MUGA’s) has many advantages but more commonly an overriding issue is ball retention within the area of play to prevent lost balls or property damage.

Installing a roof net across the top of your court ensures 100% ball retention whilst offering a cost effective solution. The netting is suspended over a lattice wire framework tensioned between the top of the court fence posts. The netting comes with a deliberate sag to absorb heavy impact and allow the ball to return gently.

As horizontal roof netting can restrict ball flight then a pitched roof net could be the solution allowing sports such as basketball and netball to be played.

Roof Netting available in 100mm for sports such as football or 50mm for smaller ball sports. Netting is UV resistant, knotted and comes with outer overlocked edge.